Sometimes I need a Controller, Bookkeeper, or Business Advisor…but not full-time!

Interim Staffing

Strapped for cash for “full-time employees?” Can’t manage accounting, bookkeeping, or running your business by yourself? We understand. We’re not just accountants…we’re also an Interim Staffing firm specializing in providing temporary staffing help in the areas of accounting, bookkeeping, and business management.

As a small business owner, entrepreneur, or a corporation faced with downsizing, you realize the work still has to be done…but who’s going to do it? We will! At a reasonable price and when you need us the most!

We easily step into the role of “your employee” for the time you need us to assist with bookkeeping, accounting, managing a project, or as an Interim Controller or CFO . Our goal is to embrace your business as our own and provide the support where you need it when you need it. We take the frustration out of “I can’t do it all myself,” and replace it with “I can do this with a little bit of help.”

We provide interim staffing for…
  • Full charge accounting and bookkeeping – monthly, quarterly, annually
  • Project Management – accounting software installations, IRS Audits, business start-ups
  • Controller or CFO positions until a full-time replacement can be hired


22349 La Palma Ave. Ste. 116, Yorba Linda, Ca 92887